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Sunway - Thailand1

Study abroad in Thailand to discover a country that is truly a land of contrasts, a delightful mix of frenetic energy and serene moments. Hold tight as your tuk-tuk careens high-speed down crowded alleyways, around each corner a new delight. It might be a couple of young, orange-cloaked monks in quiet conversation or the rush of what seems like a thousand mopeds competing for the street. Venture into the bustling markets, a tapestry of exotic tropical fruits and brightly colored spices overloading the senses. Stop to eavesdrop on a lively bartering exchange or simply to have a heavenly foot massage.

From the gorgeous countryside of rice fields to jungle-clad mountains to world famous beaches - whether it be big bustling cities or quiet ancient temples – the natural beauty, the friendliness of the people, and its rich culture make Thailand a simply irresistible destination to study abroad.


Although the costs of international schooling are not exactly low by local standards, the cost of living certainly is. So, too, is the cost of having friends and families come to visit. Call it a “fringe benefit.” Thailand has one of the strongest economies in Southeast Asia, and is experiencing rapid changes in modern society. The cost of living is extremely low, making it the perfect destination for international students on a budget who want to make the most of their limited funds. Food is inexpensive, as little as $1 USD per meal and other living costs are equally low. Thai food is delicious, varied, and usually very cheap. It is also, generally speaking, healthier than what many international students are used to eating at home, with lots of tropical fruit.

Why study in Thailand?


  • The political, social and economic system provides for a liberal academic atmosphere that thrives on diversity of opinion, debate and discussion.
  • Over the long term, with the global scenario in such a state of flux, the “Sufficiency Economy” offers unique ideas for sustainable, holistic and grassroots-oriented solutions to many of today’s problems.
  • Thailand’s geographical location at the heart of the ASEAN and Greater Mekong Sub-region is a huge advantage.
  • A number of universities and higher education institutions such as the Asian Institute of Technology, Mahidol, Chulalongkorn, ABAC, Thammasat and Kasetsart have proven track records of expertise in specific areas such as environmental studies, agriculture, law and energy.
  • In the travel & tourism industry, extensive opportunities exist to do internships with a broad cross section of hotels, tour operators, convention centers, etc.



Stamford International University, Bangkok

Admission Requirement


For Bachelor's Degree Programs

High School Completion Certificate (any one of the following) & official transcripts:

  • M.6 or Grade12 or its equivalent from any accredited Thai or foreign institution.
  • GCSE or GCE "O" level with no less than "C" in 5 subjects and "A" level with at least 2-3 subjects.
  • Test of GENERAL EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (GED) with no less than "C" in 5 subjects.

English Proficiency Requirement

For admissions into international Bachelor's or Master's degree program, student for whom English is a second language, is also required to submit any one of the following English Proficiency Test Scores:

  • TOEFL - with a minimum score of 550 (Computer-based: 187)
  • IELTS - with a minimum score of 5.5

For students who do not pass TOEFL, IELTS or SAT an alternative is the Stamford English Placement Test. The minimum passing percentage is 70.

Students not attaining the required English placement test score will be required to join the Laureate English Program prior to joining international degree programs.

For Master's Degree Programs

  • A valid Bachelor's Degree completion certificate & transcripts
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher

English Proficiency Requirement

For admissions into international Masters degree program, student for whom English is a second language is also required to submit any one of the following English Proficiency Test Scores:

  • TOEFL - with a minimum score of 550 (Computer-based: 187)
  • IELTS - with a minimum score of 6.0

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